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Growing the Good
March 2013

Love Trust, through one of its flagship projects – Nokuphila School – is a very real example of this phenomenon, offering the highest quality education to the most vulnerable children of Tembisa. It seems unbelievable that in just over three years, we now have a school accommodating 220 learners from Grade 000 (3 – 4 years) to Grade 2. This year our primary school moved to its new site – a few hundred metres from the preschool – where we hope to see our primary and secondary school develop.

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It is not the critic who counts
November 2012

Being critical and cynical in our country today is very easy. Ditto that for anywhere else in the world today. 2012 has tested us in many, many ways. But as Roosevelt pointed out, we can choose how we respond. That is not to suggest we ignore the enormous challenges, but we can choose to talk about problems with solutions. We can keep working towards something better.

At the beginning of this year, the management team of Love Trust set themselves a number of key objectives:

  1. To secure land to accommodate the construction of Nokuphila Primary and Secondary School
  2. To amplify fundraising efforts with a focus on corporate donations
  3. To further grow the Teacher Training Centre and bursary programme for prospective teachers
  4. To further solidify the Love Trust Association
  5. To investigate models of providing high quality private school education for the poor – with a focus on sustainability
  6. To strengthen our operations and governance capabilities

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Rock-Solid Mindsets
February 2012

Two years ago, Nokuphila School (NS) opened its doors for the first time to 45 wide-eyed preschoolers from impoverished areas of Tembisa. Two years on, 20 of those pioneers began Nokuphila’s first Grade 1 class. Our school has now grown to accommodate 130 learners, from Grade 000 to Grade 1. It is our hope and prayer, that these children will go on to develop the ‘rock-solid mindsets’ described above, and fulfil the Love Trust vision of growing into servant leaders of their communities...

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End of Year
22 November 2011

In his book, ‘Why is Africa Poor’ Greg Mills argues, “The main reason why Africa’s people are poor is because their leaders have made this choice....In assigning blame to African leaders for not seizing opportunities, it is also true that they have often taken decisions under difficult circumstances. No one disputes that leaders face big governance challenges in Africa. Yet in other parts of the world they are usually regarded as obstacles to be overcome, not as permanent excuses for failure.”

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News from Nokuphila
23 August 2011

The past 6 months has been a time of ongoing growth and development in the life of Nokuphila School. The children continue to grow in every possible way and we are so thankful for the opportunity to be able to give input into their lives. As you know we have 80 learners from Grade 000 to Grade R and it is a wonderful opportunity for us to give hope to these 80 kids who humanly speaking, don’t have much hope.

Apart from the normal teaching and daily class lessons, we have a full programme of extra-curricular activities every afternoon run by volunteers. Volunteers form a very important part in the life of the school. We have wonderful volunteers who teach music, ballet, crafts, sport, gardening or just have fun. Two weeks back, some volunteers assisted in taking the Grade R class to Grand Central Airport. It was the first time the kids had ever been to an airport and there was great excitement.

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Forward to 2011
22 November 2010
As we draw to the close of 2010, we look back on an extraodinary year. Not many South Africans will forget the year we donned our flags, blasted vuvuzelas and danced the ‘waka waka’. It was a proud and patriotic year. And for the Love Trust the same feelings prevail.

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Servant Leaders for Tembisa
7 September 2010
The ultimate aim of Nokuphila School is to grow servant leaders for Tembisa. The hope is that the next few decades will find Godly, contributing citizens of Tembisa – those that are values-driven and set on serving others in their community. Not too long ago, the school celebrated “Entrepreneurs Day”. If you happened to find yourself in one of the classrooms you would see a child standing in the ‘queue’ of the ‘bank’, waiting for a ‘teller’ to deposit his ‘money’. In another class, a ‘shopkeeper’ was serving a ‘customer’, and another was ‘grocery shopping’. If these children become successful entrepreneurs through the quality, values-based education they receive; if they are responsible, caring employers; if they act socially and environmentally responsibly; if they pay their taxes; and if they contribute to creating a thriving economy in the township of Tembisa, then the Love Trust would have made a difference. If girls become doting mothers who go on to raise more servant leaders; if boys become responsible fathers and leaders in their home; if children grow up to be more concerned with the wellbeing of others than the acquisition of material things, then Tembisa will be a better place.

It’s easy to make a difference here
12 April 2010
One of the wonderful things about living in South Africa is that there is no shortage of need. There is also no limit to the ways in which you can assist those less fortunate. Since our last letter in January, our school has successfully completed its first term. We held a small celebration to mark the opening on 31 January. We have since set up a Facebook page to keep ‘fans’ up to date with visuals of our progress, and the kids in action.

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2010 will change lives
13 January 2010
Today, like many mothers, I dropped off my two and a half year old son at preschool for the first time. He charged off with glee, and like many mothers, I choked back the tears as I was reminded that this was the start of his incredible journey we call ‘education’.

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