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Nokuphila School

In early 2009, LOVE Trust developed a plan to develop a viable, community centre in Tembisa by utilizing its experience gained over the past fifteen years.

The proposed plan was to:

  • Purchase and develop a centre
  • Cultivate lasting relationships with the community
  • Develop an Early Childhood Development Centre/Preschool
  • Further expand this centre into an independent Primary and then later Secondary School
  • Grow further community development projects based on the needs of the community

On 13 January 2010, Nokuphila opened its doors to 45 preschoolers aged four and five years old drawn from informal settlements on the western border of Tembisa. Children were admitted to the school based on their vulnerability and the willingness of the children’s caregivers to participate in the life of the school. The caregivers of all the children were interviewed prior to selection. The school is situated on border of Tembisa/Ivory Park. It is run by a highly experienced principal with over 15 years experience in Early Childhood Development. Our principal is supported by Ruth Nkomo – the Community Liaison Manager – whose role it is to build strong ties with the Tembisa and Ivory/Ebony Park communities.

The school provides the following services to its children:

  • Quality pre-school education
  • Christian values and teaching
  • Meals: breakfast and lunch
  • Transport to and from school
  • After-Care Facility
  • Extra curricula activities

The school currently accommodates 135 learners in 7 classes from Grades 000 to Grades 1.  In 2013 we will have 165 learners in 9 classes including a new Grade 2 class.  We plan to grow the school into both a primary and secondary school.  The school has also become a hub for various other community projects. 

Nokuphila Pre-Primary School will remain on the present property bought in 2009.  A new 6-acre property has been bought in 2012 which will accommodate Nokuphila Primary School  We plan to open Phase I of the Primary School in January 2013 with 75 learners in Grades 1 – 2.

Teacher Training Centre

Nokuphila School is committed to employing teachers from the local community.  At the same time, the objective of providing world class education remains.  To this end, the concept of providing and equipping local teachers with suitable skills and qualifications was born. 

Our Teacher Training Centre includes two components:

  1. We presently employ 5 student-teachers from Tembisa, registered with UNISA who receive practical hands-on training at Nokuphila School.
  2. We have 45 students registered at our Teacher Training Centre who are studying part-time to qualify as Grade R teachers.  Megan Helsby, who is associated with Wits University teaches Grade R GDE approved curriculum 4 days a week which is accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).